Aug 18

Onward and Upward

Dave Empey

Dave Empey has developed four major league
players, including James Paxton, the ace of the
Seattle Mariners, and 
Ryan Dempster, who
pitched for 16 MLB seasons, was an all-star twice, 
and won a World Series ring with the Red Sox.

Dave has coached 19 pros, 11 members  of the
Canadian national junior team, and more than
100 collegiate players.  

As a sports writer with the Vancouver Sun
Dave interviewed the likes of home run king
Roger Maris, iconic heavyweight champ Rocky
Marciano, legendary sprinter Jesse Owens, Hall
of Fame pitcher Bob Lemon, daredevil Evel
Knievel, and NHL hard rock Tiger Williams.

Dave has covered almost ever sport you can
name, including baseball, football, basketball,
soccer, hockey, horse racing, lacrosse, boxing,
tennis, track and field, swimming, figure
skating, curling, rugby, skiing, hang gliding,
and hydroplane racing.

He had the honor of taking a blistering
three lap 150 mph trip with Billy Schumacher,
the greatest hydro driver of all time.  "That
ride with Billy was an atomic blast," he says.  

Dave also managed and produced an album for
the rock band "Paul Anthony and The Invasion." 

      Dave Empey can be reached at 604 771-9736

Ryan and Dave in Las Vegas

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                 BASEBALL PUZZLE

When Whitey Herzog was managing the Cardinals there were times he’d  bring a reliever in and tell him to intentionally walk the next hitter.

Remember, of course, in those days you had to throw four wide ones for an IW.  This caused such outrage from the TV gurus they needed acupuncture, a psychiatrist and a stiff shot of Jim Beam to settle down.

“Why would he do that?” they belched.  “When you bring a guy in he needs to establish his command, his rhythm.  Throwing four wide ones gets him totally out of synch.  The pitcher he was pulling should walk the hitter before he comes out.”

But Herzog had a very logical reason for having his relief pitcher issue the Intentional Walk.  What was it?

I’ll give you a few days to figure it out.